LaVoy Finicum Shooting Video Shows Cold Blooded Murder

OREGON - USA - A video released after patriot LaVoy Finicum was shot and killed whilst surrendering to the police and FBI corroborates reports of cold blooded murder at the hands of the authorities.

American patriots are deemed as terrorists by the Obama administration, and a new video shows the inside of the car where the fateful event took place on January 26.

“Finicum had his hands up and was executed in cold blood from behind. The car was travelling along the road when it came under fire from FBI agents. The terrified people, including children in the car were then subjected to more shots blowing out the windows and gas. This is the way the state views anyone who does not fall in line, and if you think you can question or disobey our rules, you too will be shot and killed without trial or jury. There is nowhere to hide, nowhere to go, you must obey or die. It’s that simple.”

Another agent said: “Don’t matter if you got your hands up. We shoot any way.”