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Revealed: The EU’s Five Step Federalist Program to Strip British Monarchy of Title

BRUSSELS - EU - Under the EU moving into closer union and federalism, the British monarchy will eventually be removed and lineage consigned to history's scrapheap.

The first point we must divulge, is that there are no assurances within the EU regarding supposed deals. Therefore, it is true to say that whatever comes from David Cameron’s mouth regarding any sort of deal is a falsity and lie. Within an EU that sees fit to change anything they want at a drop of a hat regardless of what was said before, there are never any sureties when dealing with the European Union.

New Anthem

The EU plans for every nation to have a singular anthem, and that will be the EU’s ‘Ode to Joy’ or in German ‘An die Freude’. Britain’s ‘God Save the Queen’ will be consigned to the scrapheap of history.

New Flag

Britain within a few years will be forced to drop the Union Jack flag having it replaced by the EU flag. Already, the socialist governments in Britain have made the British flag an anathema so this step will be no problem.

New Currency

The Euro currency will eventually be implemented in Britain leaving the Pound Sterling a thing of the past. This step, will be introduced slowly by the EU, but it is planned and will go ahead within the next five years.

New Parliament

Federalisation within the EU, utilising ever closer union will require that national parliaments cede power to a central point in Brussels. There will still be elements of parliament within sectors dealing with local issues but all decisions regarding law, economy and governance will be in the hands of the central European Union governing body.

Reduced British Monarchy

The above steps will ensure the EU plan to strip the British monarchy will increase pace. Without protection from Westminster, the royal family will be helpless as each step is implemented. Stripping allegiance to the Queen, and reducing royal budgets to a pittance will ensure that the British monarchy is reduced to only a handful. Some properties of the Crown will be sold off, and royal palaces will be opened up completely to the public. Where the British royal family will go is not a plan the EU care about, but with vastly reduced resources, they may flee to neutral countries like Switzerland.



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