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Historians: In 1939 UK Faced Nazi Threat – In 2016 UK Faces Soviet Threat

BERLIN - Germany - There is no doubt that the Germans, as a people are a very resourceful, intelligent people. These are minds who created feats of great ingenuity: from Classical music pioneers to jet propulsion designers.

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So, how did Germans transform their 1939 Fascist state to a Soviet one in 2016?

Well, as the earth can shift its magnetic fields, so too can the German people, the clue to the shift of course lies in East Germany after the second World War.

Soviet East Germany, a Stasi wonderland where the young Angela Merkel grew up and was educated, was the Soviet instrument that changed Germany forever, because it was the catalyst from one doctrine to another, a political shift, that increased in volition once the Berlin wall fell in 1989.

The rise of the EU increased its upward trajectory after the fall of the wall, because this was the symbol that the EU was looking for – unification.

Sovietisation of all countries the EU infects has been paramount to Brussels, and José Manuel Barroso, the staunch Maoist Communist President of the EU Commission, instated in 2004, made sure to uphold his Soviet ideals upon the bloc to great effect. Under his tenure, the EU increased its hold on European territories with significant advances.

What Hitler sought to achieve militarily during WW2, the EU has sought to achieve economically through Soviet techniques of collectivisation and appropriation. Hitler’s Blitzkrieg, was supplanted by the EU’s economic buying power. By dangling monetary carrots in front of countries around Germany, the European continent has been slowly swallowed up under the noses of the very people who populate these countries.

Angela Merkel, born and bred in Soviet controlled East Germany was thus set free in 1989 when the wall fell. Her role was to complete the EU Soviet mission and she rose up the ranks quickly, learning how to disguise Soviet Marxist Maoist ideologies within a false democratic framework to dupe the populace.

The EU today is not transparent, one cannot see clearly who is controlling things behind the scenes, and it is populated by an ominous secretive network of faceless unelected technocrats, rising up to a pyramid of unknown controllers.

This is why we must not listen to the used-car salesman David Cameron selling us into the EU. Lord Mandelson and Tony Blair are whispering in his ear at every turn.

Do not listen to people in the streets who bleat the same ‘Remain’ and ‘Better In’ mantra, they are low information people who have been indoctrinated. These people are lost, and you could easily tell them that walking off the cliffs of Dover is good for them.

It is important to understand now that Britain is in grave danger, and it will take great fortitude to overcome the forces working against it.

Brexit, for the good of Britain, before it is too late.

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