WW3 Update: Syrian Ground War Begins

ALEPPO - Syria - Although World War 3 started a few years ago, we are now seeing major escalations with Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran on the ground.

As mentioned by the Daily Squib in 2013, there is a red line that tips the geopolitical world into global war, and this line is firmly being crossed at the moment by Turkey and Saudi Arabia with ground troops entering Syria.

The Russians and their Syrian, Iranian allies claim Syria despite the myriad of hands firmly in the pot.

The United States has been cautious to enter directly into the Syrian battlefield but have been utilising proxies to do their dirty work, however, with the entrance of Turkey into the hornet’s nest, the Russian bear will no doubt want a piece of Turkey, if only for payback for the downing of one of their jet fighters.

Saudi Arabia will not allow the corridor for supplies to be cut off from Turkey which is a lifeline for militants fighting Assad, and this is why the moves happening now could be construed as a desperate attempt to keep the lines open even if it means a risky ground war.

We could be seeing a direct escalation between Saudi, Turkish forces under the auspices of NATO, against Russian, Syrian, Iranian forces.

As for the Kurds, the sworn enemy of Turks, who want to portion off part of the Turkish nation for themselves, they may pay a heavy price for their meddling and receive a firm beating, especially as they are labelled as terrorists by the Turkish government.

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