Diplomats: Trump Too Easily Goaded Does Not Fare Well For Presidency

SOUTH CAROLINA - USA - Donald Trump is not a poker player, neither cool under fire, or a coherent strategist, at best, he is a bull in China shop cluttering around and prattling on inanely making any situation worse than it may have to be.

“Do we really want a Commander in Chief who can be so easily riled, to be played by seasoned chess master strategists and politicians? Certainly not, should be the answer. A good politician never reveals his true intentions, and here is Trump babbling like a kid in a candy store before getting thrown out on his ear. Trump is dangerous, not only for America but globally, and is a liability. Here is a man who does not know diplomacy or any form of etiquette, imagine him going up to some world leader and talking? Either he would be laughed out of the room, or they would declare war on him,” a mild mannered yet erudite Capitol Hill insider revealed yesterday after the South Carolina CBS delegate debate.

Running rings around someone as ignorant about world affairs as Trump would not be hard, however, this may not end well for millions of Americans if he ever becomes President.