The Invisible Front Syria and Iran

DAMASCUS - Syria - There is an invisible front that no one talks about. It is not on any map, it is not mentioned in any news reports. It is however something that denotes the tipping point between global war and peace.

“Within the sphere of global politics, there are invisible lines which if crossed, are triggers for war. Syria is such a zone as it is heavily backed by Russia as is Iran. Global dominance by the United States and its allies crossing that line would mean the world’s power structure would alter favourably for the West against Russia and China. Already, the West has taken Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Iraq, as well as parts of Afghanistan. Once they take Syria and Iran, Russia will be on the back foot and its strategic global influence will be castrated. A weakened Russia would make it redundant in global brinksmanship and reduce its influence in foreign policy, as well as economically. The exponential increase in the world’s population naturally results in global resources and energy being reduced daily. These are not infinite, and once used up are gone forever, therefore it is inevitable that there will be a final clash to capture the whole world’s resources by one single faction. If this means completely eradicating the other faction, then it will be have to be done, quickly and efficiently. There should not be any mercy or political solutions, as mercy will mean there are survivors who have to be fed and clothed,” professor in geopolitics at the University of Maastricht, revealed at a recent news conference in the Dutch city.

Sooner or later someone had to make the first move.