Britain Will NOT ‘Face Influx of 50,000 Asylum Seekers’ If Leaves the European Union

LONDON - England - Prime Minister, David Cameron would have to resign if a Brexit is granted to the British people, therefore 50,000 asylum seekers would not be granted entry into the UK.


The loss of the 2003 Le Touquet treaty between the UK and France allowing controls in Calais would only mean that Britain’s ports would become sealed units and those who come across illegally would be refused entry into the United Kingdom. There would not be 50,000 asylum seekers given entry to the UK.

Whoever would be in charge of Britain at the point of Brexit would therefore create a situation of deterrence towards any form of illegal entry into the UK, at all channels of entry.

There may have to be camps built on UK shores for those who are caught within Britain’s borders and the law would be strengthened to severely fine employers who exploit illegal labour or those who harbour illegal migrants who entered the UK without using the proper channels.

The new Prime Minister would be actively involved in addressing the dangerous influx by increasing border budgets by 80%, and within all cities of the UK there would be specialist immigration police checking all dwellings and factories.

In the event of Brexit, all benefits to EU citizens who gained entry into the UK would be halted, freeing up billions of pounds for the NHS, schools and welfare system for British people.

The UK sends £55 million to Brussels per day, year in year out with little or no gain, and this scandalous scheme would be halted immediately.

Along with the billions of pounds demanded by Brussels to pay for their pet projects and shoring up profligate countries like Greece, there would be an immediate halt to these erroneous payment demands.

Brexit would bring vast economic wealth to Britain, because it would be seen by many unhappy rich citizens of the EU as a haven. The country would then have to rebuild its sovereignty and economy to trade with the world, as well as key European nations. Contrary to scaremongering Europhiles, a Brexit would not harm businesses and companies wishing to trade in Europe, as Brexit would in fact strengthen companies with the UK decreasing corporation tax and encouraging business growth in Britain.

Britain leaving the EU would also see a cut in V.A.T to 12% and the cost of living in Britain would drop by 60% because there would not be any more nasty ‘rip-off-Britain’ markups foisted on products because of EU regulations.

Business and economy within Britain would flourish, as Britons can get their jobs back. Schools would become cheaper and easier to manage, hospitals would have half empty wards once again with non-stressed nurses and doctors, and those within society who need benefits to survive would receive them without nasty cuts that are hurting people, especially the disabled.

Whoever becomes PM after Brexit will no doubt have a long list of to-does and it may take up to ten years for Britain to recover from the ravages of the EU and its irresponsible schemes designed to eviscerate the sovereignty of the tiny island of Britain.