EU Referendum: Why Majority Will Vote Against Cameron

LONDON - England - People will vote Out in the UK referendum simply because they hate David Cameron and the government, in addition to the EU.

Labour voters detest Cameron and his cronies, eurosceptics detest Cameron; the Lib Dems are probably not too keen on him either.

This is why, for this group to side with David Cameron and his vote to stay In the EU – a crumbling edifice – would be unthinkable for many in Britain.

Of course, one can always cite the general election last year where many voted for Cameron and the Tories, however in that circumstance there was really no choice in the matter, as the two Ed’s were an insufferable alternative.

The choice this time is altogether different, not only will there not be a chance like this ever again, but to vote to stay in the EU would be a death sentence for Britain. Want to know why? Because the EU changes and adds laws daily. They can make any promises they want before the referendum, but once the people have been duped they have you lock, stock and barrel where they want you and there’s no turning back — ever.

If Britain stays, be prepared for a quintuple rise in migration and a totalitarian tip toe over the years where the true face of the EU will slowly emerge fundamentally destroying the already fragile U.K.

Maybe the grossly unpopular Cameron should have gone for the reverse position and opted to get Out of the EU. Then the haters would have voted to stay In, and Cameron would have won by looking like he lost.

By creating an us against the gov dynamic, voters will be coming out of the woodwork to vote now AGAINST the establishment, a much juicier option to really nail the fucker home.