Donald J. Trump the Islamic Poster Boy

MOGADISHU - Somalia - As accurately predicted, Donald Trump is the new poster boy for recruitment for the Islamic State. The sordid, antagonistic thoughtless words he uttered about banning Muslims are now enshrined as a recruitment mantra used by Jihadists worldwide.

When things go beyond satire, the Daily Squib usually sits back and watches, but this time we could not resist saying something.

Yes, as predicted, Al-Shabaab, the Islamist Somali group aligned with ISIS are now using presidential candidate Donald Trump as a recruitment tool to garner more followers, this has been confirmed by a recent videographic communique by the terror group, but was Trump aware that his words would have so much effect?

“Trump does not know what he says or does, he is a man who is not in control of his actions, therefore one could determine quite accurately that Donald Trump is clinically insane. Sure, he would not be the first clinically insane prospective or active leader but Trump has an added irony to his insanity and that is millions of Americans doped up on prescription pills hugging their automatic rifles agree with his insane messages of ignorant hate. The paranoid, schizoid personality of Trump is thus compounded by a huge following of Americans as he is destined to be the winner of the Republican candidacy with the added bonus of recruiting millions of Muslims to their cause,” a clinical psychiatrist at the Frestner Institute of Insanity revealed on Friday.

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