George W Bush to be Sarah Palin’s Running Mate

WASHINGTON DC - USA - George W Bush, the outgoing president , plans on becoming Sarah Palin's Vice President in the 2012 elections.

Professional lame-duck Dubya Gump is now officially a dead-duck.

So what’s a professional loafer of the highest order going to do when he’s not in pole sofa position anymore?

What about Sarah Palin? When she’s not greeting campaign aides in a skimpy towel, she can be found stashing away the $150,000 clothes she acquired for the campaign in her log cabin in Wasilla, Alaska. How is she going to cope with four more years in the wilderness without a stylist?

“George W Bush and Mrs Palin would make great running mates in 2012. It’ll be a dream ticket for sure. They both don’t know anything about the world, she doesn’t know that Africa is a continent and he doesn’t know anything full stop. Dubya’s Vice Presidency will be like the good ol’ days, it’ll be like the return of the Dukes of Hazzard. He can’t wait,” Dick Cheney told Reuters.

“I’ll be back”

George W Bush broke off a round of golf yesterday to comment on the new role he is to play in 2012.

“I’ll be back folks in 2012, your favourite president, tee hee. Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk, hey Rosco, watch this drive!”

The 12th amendment states that “no person constitutionally
ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of
Vice-President of the United States” but that should not bother any of them, especially when you are above all law like Dubya and Palin seem to be.


    Flip your comments the bird ,thats whats wrong with America we cant speak in this Nation anymore because of dumbs!i&$ haters like you-Palin-Bush will rock the vote.Flip yourself the bird too!

  • Philip Boepple

    Is that really a picture of Sarah Palin herself with that monkey and the middle fingers?? Who in the average sensible mind would want to vote for a woman flipping the bird to the american public? If this is a Sarah-look-alike well shame on her. Yours truly Phil
    P.S. I had one idiot at my job say that he wanted to vote for Hillary simply because he thought that she was a sexy bitch. No agenda mattered to him at all. Now this I think is something that has REALLY GONE WRONG ON OUR NATION.

  • Mary

    I do so agree 🙂