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Experts: Mass Migration Into West Will Kill Feminism

DUSSELDORF - Germany - There is a silver lining to the massive migratory force moving into Europe and America, and that is the death of feminism due to numerous cultures being imported that do not align themselves to the predominantly white female doctrine of feminism.

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“Feminism is essentially a doctrine for white women, however the estimated migration of over 35 million people into Europe alone within the next few years will almost certainly put a stop to feminism.

“Race centric cultural differences are already rearing their heads in some European countries and with the mainly Muslim influx, feminism is not even considered a reality in Islamic countries and women are looked upon chiefly as home makers for their families — a stark contrast to feminists.

“The whole culture of Europe will irreversibly change within a decade leaving the white privileged feminist doctrine in tatters since the dominant nature of migrant cultures will easily supersede the minority group eventually distinguishing it entirely.

“As these migrant families establish themselves further in their new homes, within ten years feminism will be a distant memory, as their numbers will displace feminists, especially as feminists do not breed, but Muslims do.”

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  1. This is a very astute analysis of the situation. I certainly will not mourn the death of feminism as other real men won’t either. Thank you.

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