Volkswagon Vehicles Seen From Space

SPACE - With the mass recall of Volkswagon cars after falsifying emissions data, there's another twist in the story, VW vehicles can be seen from space.

The International Space Station has released pictures showing Volkswagon cars driving along roads.

“We may be 400 km high in space but we can track the emissions coming from VW vehicles driving along highways, the emission smoke trails are visible from up here,” NASA scientist Alistair McGiver relayed to the control centre via images.

The Expedition 45 crew, including the One-Year Crew duo, worked on a variety of human research to help future crews persevere on longer missions in deep space.

The crew is also getting ready for a pair of international cargo ships departing and arriving next week. Scientists on the ground are exploring how microgravity affects humans living and working in space as NASA prepares for the Journey to Mars.

Astronauts living on the International Space Station for months at a time, including the One-Year Crew, provide excellent subjects for long-term microgravity human research.

The crew today looked at how being in space affects humans’ ability to surf social networks for the Social-X study and documented response activity when unfriended .