Sepp Blatter Tries to Hand Brown Envelope to Swiss Prosecutor

GENEVA - Switzerland - Swiss prosecutor, Ingval Kronstein was shocked on Friday when corrupt FIFA boss Sepp Blatter tried to hand him a brown envelope overflowing with cash.

“I told him that he is under suspicion of corrupt practices regarding his tenure as FIFA president. He looked around a bit, coughed, and a big brown envelope full of euros popped out of his jacket pocket. He said excuse me, I believe this is yours now, winking,” Kronstein revealed during a preliminary court hearing.

But Blatter did not stop there according to the prosecutor. He kept saying, I get whatever you want, girls, cars, holidays, whatever.

It is not known whether the Swiss prosecutor took the bundle of money, but later on in the day, he was seen driving a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster from the courthouse.