Goodfellas Betting On a Trump Win

LAS VEGAS - USA - Some people in back rooms, delicatessens and construction companies are rooting for their man, the Don, Trump to become the main Capo dei capi.



Trump Card

“Hey, Carmine, you heard the Don, he says he wants to run fo’ president?”

“Yeah, sho, I hoird dat. Our outfit in Nevada is countin’ on it. When the Don becomes prez, we’re good to go, he ain’t gonna forget about the Borgota…especially after all those favours, won’t be no shake downs, either.”

“The Don’s a stand-up guy, a real big earner, but this shit with the presidency, it’s gonna make us legit with no heat.”

“First year we gotta lay low, then it’s gonna be a knock over. Free money, the goombas and zips will be skimming from here to New Joirsey.”

“Thas right. A fix fo’ sho!”