Experts: “By Taking Refugees ISIS Wins”

MUNICH - Germany - ISIS has won the war in Syria as well as in Iraq, and by Europe taking refugees, EU leaders are actually helping the Islamic State in cleansing the land in preparation for the formation of the Caliphate.


“The refugee crisis is a great victory for ISIS because the West is willingly taking refugees and aiding its cleansing of the land it claims as its own. There are further treats for the Islamic State with the massive movement of Muslims to predominantly Christian lands, this is called the Hijrah where the message of Islam is spread far and wide. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims are now taking over Europe little by little, and all it takes is a few families, who within a few generations will multiply countless times. Europe’s resources will thus be depleted further. By the year 2030, most of Europe will be Islamic and the Caliphate will have no trouble in moving further West, travelling from North Africa and the Middle East.

Boots on the Ground

“Instead of fighting ISIS head on, the West has capitulated to the Islamic State by letting it flourish. When the West should have immediately attacked Syria and re-introduced troops into Iraq, they instead opted for the limited air strike method of long range warfare where nothing is a certainty. The media is instructed to tell the public that a well known terrorist has been killed by drone, but there is little or no proof of these claims. In fact, the evidence is so lacking and the intelligence on the ground is so unreliable that even the drone operators have no idea if the target they hit is an actual target. How could they when all they see are dots on the ground from 30,000 feet?

“Conquering Europe has never been easier, because the EU leaders are welcoming their own demise.”