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Syria War: Please Donate to United Nations

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib is urging readers to donate directly to United Nations organisations on the ground in Syria and surrounding countries where millions of people are fleeing.

Syria War Appeal

Europeans do not need to house refugees in their homes, you can actually do better by donating as much as you can to the United Nations agencies on the ground in the Middle East.

Daily Squib readers are urged to not encourage people smugglers and dangerous journeys where people fleeing the war zone die or cause massive upheaval to their destinations. Countries who are accepting refugees should do so from the refugee camps within Syria and should do everything in their power to discourage the ruthless human traffickers who are profiting off the misery and desperation from a fractured Middle East caused by very poor foreign policy decisions.

By donating in a responsible manner, assistance can be given on the ground, therefore refugees will not feel the need to conduct perilous journeys or pay human traffickers.

To this end, we advise our readers to specifically donate to the UNHCR, World Food Programme and UNICEF.

The United Nations is in dire need of funds and relies on private donors, with little or no assistance from governments.

A shortage of funds is hampering humanitarian and development assistance efforts to meet the needs of 3.9 million refugees who have fled the conflict in Syria, as well as more than 20 million people in affected local communities hosting them in neighbouring countries.






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  1. The UN, UNICEF, Children in Need are breeding populations to make money. They have millions in camps for decades all across Africa from our regime change projects. And done virtually no family planning. So If you want to fund some one else’s baby farm..Go ahead. But count me out. Do not encourage them.

      • Not the case.
        Interesting document. 1974.
        They did not give enough weight to family planning over the last 45 years. I am aware of population flows around the world.
        I am also aware of the disparity in education/having children.
        I have also spent a lot of time doing satellite surveys of populations Land use and deserts around the world.In the last 5 years
        Also travelled by ground routes extensively.
        In about 1975 India tried giving away free radio’s in exchange for vasectomies…I can not remember how that went.
        We need a reduction in population in the next 100 years. Not my problem as no children…..So would I care if 3 or 4 billion starved in 100 years…No…All the aid agencies seem determined to do is increase populations by as much as possible.
        UN reckons on 50 million currently needing food aid….That is with out there population doubling in 35 years. We are not replanting forests at the rate we cut them down. The List goes on.

      • By the way I am not donating to a UK foreign office/Tory Pro israel groups regime change agenda in Syria in any shape or form.

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