Petition Changes Nothing Again

DELAWARE - USA - Another petition where the perpetually outraged can put their names on a change petition which is completely ignored by everyone except for the perpetually outraged petitioners.


Yes, the world is a cruel inhospitable place filled with some nasty shit here or there, but try explaining that to a petitioner or a continuously outraged twitterer with a cause.

“The world is so unfair, boo hoo. Cry me a river on twitter and Equality, equality, equality….!” a blabberer babbled whilst crying into their soiled handkerchief. cannot and will never change anything in the world, simply because petitions on the internet are pretty much useless and events will continue to happen which will always be construed as bad by whether they petition or not.

If you really want change, first accept that there can never be change and that is a profitable enterprise not only selling users data to companies and political parties but utilising its platform as an advertising vehicle. Change that…not likely.