Fidel Castro Endorses Obama

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Senator Barack Obama's candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination won the backing of Fidel Castro on Tuesday adding another feather to his champion's cap.

The former Cuban president gave a qualified endorsement to Mr Obama whom he described as “the most-advanced candidate” in the race for the White House.

The welcome support of the ailing revolutionary icon is likely to engender more support for Barrack Obama as a true uniter of people and nations.

It was only a few months ago when Obama was endorsed by white supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan as reported first in the Daily Squib Newspaper.

The geriatric Republican nominee, McCain, has consistently tried to exploit the support offered for Mr
Obama by Hamas, the KKK and now Fidel Castro but has backed off after warnings from his doctor about getting too excited.

Writing in his regular column in the state-run Granma newspaper, Mr Castro noted that Mr Obama is a uniter of the nationĀ  of Cuba and the United States, unlike all the other “useless” candidates.

“Obama’s doctrines can be translated as a formula for hunger for true unity. I have seen his following and followers’ dedication to this great man, when he has brought the KKK to endorse him and bring unity back to the USA, when he will halt the embargo on Cuba once and for all and bring us our just rights, he is a man of true standing and honour,” the 81-year-old former president wrote, referring to Mr Obama’s unitary qualities.

The Illinois senator said he would rescind all trade sanctions against Cuba as long as they relinquish some of their communist ideals incorporating them within the United States. Obama also vowed to ease restrictions on US-based exiles travelling to Cuba and sending money to relatives — a further gesture of friendship between the two countries.

His chief strategist meanwhile forecast that Mr Obama would cross the finishing line in his marathon with Senator Hillary Clinton for the Democrats’ nomination next week, when South Dakota and Montana are the final states to vote.

Ranjit Bindi Chakrabati told the Daily Squib: “We’re very close now. When the primaries end, I think, we’ll be where we need to be … We’ll be at the number we need to claim the nomination.” By the campaign’s calculations, Mr Obama only needs a further 49 delegates to achieve the simply majority of 2,026 needed to win.

However, the party’s rules committee, manipulated by the Clinton’s, meets on Saturday and would raise the victory threshold if it agreed to include some or all of the delegates from Michigan and Florida, who have so far been
discounted as a penalty for the states’ decision to hold early primaries.

Mrs Clinton is fighting a bitter war and is pushing for all their delegates to be counted, after winning uncontested primaries in both states. Their inclusion would however only reduce her deficit to about 90 delegates,
who will vote at a convention in August.