Sharon Stone Buys Villa in China

SICHUAN PROVINCE - China - Sharon Stone and her current boyfriend have bought a £12,000 chateau in the Chinese Riviera as a base for their world travels.

The couple are said to have looked at around 100 properties before settling on the 35-bedroom estate.

The sprawling residence comes complete with it’s own chemical toy factory, moat, polluted lake and forest with three trees in it.

Sharon bought the Chinese villa direct from the owner after spotting the property on a Fox News report.

A source close to the deal said: “It’s a place called Chateau Dalai which is in a tiny village called Xin Xan Xin Xiang in Sichuan province.

“They’ll be moving in roughly three days and living there full-time.”

The magnificent cascading stone-walled terraces are of solid construction and made from 95% sand mixed with a little bit of concrete and newspaper.

The estate is surrounded by beautiful yellow water with twenty fountains, bubbling aqueducts, and a toxic chemical laden stream runs through hidden tunnels into the moat and fills the polluted lake.

The popular Beijing Times quoted Ngn See-yuen, founder of the Chinese Sharon Stone Appreciation Society, as saying that he welcomes Sharon Stone to all of China wholeheartedly. Her most recent film, The Year of Getting to Know Us, and four other movies starring the actress, are all set to be very popular in China.

Thousands of Chinese internet users have posted praise online for Sharon Stone and all the media has been inundated with talk of the wonders of the American actress.

  • Jiang

    The scientists knew about the erthquakes and warned our government but they ignored them and did not tell people in Sichuan. Our government did not warn us and lied they knew: Long Xiaoxia, Yan Junping, Sun Hu and Wang Zuzheng are the scientists who were found evidence and told Beijing state. If they find out I write here I will be arrest and prisoned!!!! Beijing are let our people down and DID NOT WARN US!!!! THEY ARE RESPONSIBAL FOR OUR DEATHS!!!

  • Jianglan

    Roxy Tramell — A LIER,you are creat such foolish news ,please to be an honest and fair journalist,use your brain to think about about what you seening and hear. Please don’t just spread rumor with your knee(without thinking and research).What you write should base on the fact ,not distorting the fact,you are not qualified the journalist because you don’t comply with your basic professional ethic.

  • gui peng

    relex my chinese friends this report is only for fun, didnt u see the name ‘Dailysquib’ and all other jokes?
    Plz dont consider it as an intentional misreport otherwise there will a new one titled
    ‘chinese take it serious’

  • luoguanxi

    To be clear…China is amazing and beautiful than anyone from the outside knows, there is very little pollution here and our great nation is bringing the Olympic flame to Beijing even after the terrible earthquake.

    Great Peoples Republic of China will crush any tibetan Sharon Stone karma?? with 1000 time more force than earthquake.

  • ri_yue

    Not so funny. China is not polluted at all. We have best land and government in world . Chinese peopol healthiest in world.

    Sharon Stone is need of re-education for her sayings against my country.

  • Robert

    Let Sharon come China now she welcom to come and see for hersel what going on!!!

    We feed her special Won Ton soup in our restaraunts and give her good treatmant!!!! BITCH!!!!

  • tangerine

    What???? Such a misreport!!!
    All the Chinese pepople are now cursing her!!!
    The Chinese government cannot let her in!!
    Where Roxy Tramell get this news?and spread information?? It that the manner DAILYSQUIBt take on news report?!!!!!!!!!!! fuck!!!

  • Tom L

    Thousands of Chinese internet users have posted praise online for Sharon Stone and all the media has been inundated with talk of the wonders of the American actress??? what the hell is that? Praise this cold-blooded idiot? Maybe spit would be a more appropriate word. Any human being’ll be really shocked if she feels comfortable living in Sichuan with all the poor dead in the earthquake and cursed by her.

  • PacificGatePost


    KARMA? This was said with some aforethought, just not much of it.

    America is looking to improve its image around the world, and this is not the kind of help it needs.