Heather Mills: "I Still Love Paul’s Money"

LOS ANGELES - CA - The recently divorced wife of former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney last night blamed the lawyers for her recent separation from his bank account.

Speaking on American talkshow TV show Good Morning Montana, she told her host Jesse Springer, “The money and I used to have a great relationship. I never wanted to lose the money. It was only the lawyers who got in between me and Macca’s wallet.”

Heather went on to add, “Every single day I wake up in the morning and mourn the loss of Paul’s bank account, I feel bereaved and distraught at the mere thought of what has happened, the sheer loss is immeasurable and I may have to start proceedings again due to the immense pain I have been made to feel at the loss of access to his huge bank account.”

Heather cries into the hosts shoulder and sobs like a baby hankering for its mother’s milk. Some audience members start crying too and a few visibly distraught women in the audience see fit to walk out, such is their distress.

Recently, Heather has been undergoing counselling sessions with a bereavement expert to try and ease her immense pain. She has also spoken of waking up at nights in a cold sweat then sobbing insanely whilst recounting the wonderful days she had dipping into Sir Paul’s massive bank account.

Heather Mills, ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney is a broken woman but time will heal her wallet eventually.

  • Mannie

    SHE IS A WHORE!!!!!

  • Jab

    Heather should consider a political career. Perhaps as Labour’s Minister of Finance.

    She wed Sir Paul with a few Bob, and left him Pounds to the good. Step up to the plate lass, Britain (Not to mention GB.) need you and your talents. Such financial acumen should not be ignored.

    I know that many are bitter about the Heather’s divorce and the settlement, believing she didn’t have a leg to stand on, but that was … (Dare I say it.) YESTERDAY.

    cheers …

  • dennis

    I have to say an ugly thing:
    that is,I wish this miserable hag would just go ahead and die. I am sick of her and her insane rantings and the media’s willingness to lap up her bile every time she spews it out. she really is a sick,crippled human being and ought to be put out of her misery,like we would a terminally injured or ill horse or dog.

  • michi

    she’s delusional, crying about money that’s not even her’s, she didn’t even earn it…such a gold digger

  • Carol

    see how sick she is. no one in their right mind wakes up thinking about all the money they could have had and lost because she never was in true love in the first place.