Obama Superdelegate Seen Flying Over Washington

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's an Obama Democrat superdelegate.

Washington DC was treated to an amazing sight on Friday when an Obama superdelegate was seen flying above the city.

There were calls for calm on local radio stations and tv networks as the superdelegate flew at the speed of sound over the city at approximately 15,000 feet sometimes swooping down to as little as 500 feet.

“I looked up and saw the superdelegate whizzing through the skies and nearly choked on my Maine lobster Saladon on brioche bread with lettuce, tomato, bacon and mayonnaise. Boy that superdelegate was ripping up those chem trails like I never seen,” local, Dick Cheney told the Daily Squib.

The Obama superdelegates are a strange breed of superhero politicians who are tearing up these election primaries.

By day they can barely walk and look frail but do not be misled by their appearance; once they change into their superdelegate costumes consisting of a cape and a pair of smelly y-fronts their super transformation is complete.

Democrat Barack Obama worked hard to build up newly-gained momentum
Sunday after he overtook Hillary Clinton in the fight for
superdelegates whose votes will be decisive in choosing the Democratic
Party’s presidential nominee.

At least three Democratic
superdelegates pledged to back the black senator Saturday —
one of them formerly in Clinton’s column — marking a new milestone in
his quest to represent the party in November’s presidential election.

Some superdelegates live in special caves, some underwater and some actually commute to earth everyday from different planets in our solar system.