New Labour – New Memoir

LONDON - England - Cherie Blair, John Prescott and Lord Levy are all abiding by the socialist doctrines of the Labour party by raking in millions of pounds on book deals and newspaper serialisations.

The Labour party racked with greed, cronyism and vile gluttony of the highest order is a morose cesspit of inequity, a toilet flush swilling around the turds that fester amongst its clogged bowels.

With such literary luminaries as Alistair Campbell, John Prescott and Lord Levy, as well as the greed-driven hideously ugly wife of the previous prime minister; is there any hope left in the British political system of government?

Nu Labour Nu Greed

“Cherie Blair has degraded the British political culture to new depths. Her self-serving, vulgar, greed-driven

Lord Levy leaving his publishers offices yesterday

sensationalist memoirs serve no purpose whatsoever apart from the rather obvious  — to make her even richer than she already is. Is it any wonder that Tony was getting hand relief from Carole Caplin at Chequers whenever she was away with business. Cherie’s insane grinning face can sear paint off a wall from thirty yards ,” one of the sources in Lord Levy’s new book is quoted as saying.

Her husband, Tony, has made huge sums of money off the state and public office. Their joint property portfolio is estimated at 65 million pounds.

The Blairs’ latest acquisition is a £4 million country house, bought on the earnings of their respective biographies, as well as Mr
Blair’s financial handshake jobs, public speaking stints and company product endorsements.

Who says socialism does not pay?

John Prescott can now clean up his own pig vomit with the bags of twenty pound notes he will no doubt receive from his publishers for his memoirs as well.

Lord Levy, the squirming simpering maggot who has briefly come up for air from the rotting carcass of the Labour party to cash in further with his memoirs is another ‘nu-Labour’ scumbag raking in more gelt.

Whilst Levy ponces around smirking in his Roller touting his base rants in his new ‘book’ and fondling the vast amounts of fresh cash that pour into his already overloaded coffers every second of the day, he will not have to worry about what ‘Labour socialism’ has done to this country.