Hillary Vows to Keep on Fighting for Presidency Even After Obama is Inaugurated as President

LOUISVILLE - USA - Touting a victory that "exceeded even our own expectations," Sen. Hillary Clinton's big win in West Virginia last night has proven to everyone that she is not going to lay down the gauntlet any time soon.

“They gonna have to shoehorn that bitch outta the race. She the kinda person that won’t leave from the cookout. She the kinda person that don’t get the message that it ovah!” an Obama supporter from Detroit told the Fox News Network yesterday.

Hillary’s campaign manager Buzz Nougat had this to say after the momentous Virginia win: “We’re goin’ from strength to strength. We are going to pursue this campaign right up to Obama’s first year in office.”

Whenever Hillary gets on stage, her campaign crew have taken to playing the Rocky theme tune.

Hillary is not going to go easily and has pledged a further $4 million of her own money into her election campaign funds.

She has even attempted to ask Bill for money and this is why he has been seldom seen as of late.

One can only sit back and admire a woman of such tenacity.