Bank of England: Quality of Life Will Go from Bad to Worse

LONDON - England - The Bank of England chief Mervyn King has warned the masses that their quality of life will be reduced from bad to worse.

The good times are gone and there is now a real risk of recession, the Bank of England warned yesterday.

“Because of our mistakes and greed in the banking sector we will now turn the screw on the masses and milk the plebes for everything they’ve got,” a triumphant Governor
Mervyn King said.

The quality of life in the UK is one of the worst in Europe and is just under Albania and Bulgaria according to the MORI Country Index published in 2006.

The last ten years have been a nightmare for the whole country and
now will be turned into an even bloodier nightmare with no end or hope
in sight.

In his quarterly Inflation Report, Mr King said that
the golden period of purgatory was over and a new chapter of hell on earth had begun.

are not going to reduce interest rates like they have done in America
but are going to instead condemn the economy and our masses to a deep
and troubled downturn and horrible recession,” he added.

Blighted Britain

And the governor predicted:

• Gas, electricity and food bills will get even more expensive
this year and will push inflation towards 44 percent, possibly even

• Supermarkets and food retailers have jumped on the downturn and increased their prices by up to 120 percent above the real cost of food items such as a loaf of bread which now can cost £5.32;

• Gordon Brown’s taxes on fuel, councils, income and everything will rise by about 62 percent.

• Economic growth is likely to slump towards -12 per cent by the end of the year, and the country will be pushed into a massive recession;

• The housing market will continue to fall after worsening ‘markedly’, he predicts a fall of approximately 65 percent;

• Pay rises may be curbed, further damaging employees’ quality of life;

• The falling sterling means that foreign travel will increase in cost condemning people to stay in this rotting country;

• And the banking crisis could continue to run well into 2015, keeping mortgage costs painfully high;

Gordon Brown’s office has spoken of how well the nation is doing and how there is nothing for anyone to worry about.

to Gordon Brown selling Britain’s gold reserves at the bottom of the
market, plundering peoples pensions and his numerous disastrous
economic decisions throughout his tenure as chancellor and prime
minister, he has single-handedly managed to bankrupt this country and
damage it irreparably.