Comrade Cameron: I’m Back or Am I?

LONDON - England - Confusion was felt across parliament today as news filtered through that Comrade Cameron was back, but ten minutes later sources revealed the comrade may have done a U-turn.


“We heard news that Comrade Cameron was back, but then conflicting news filtered through that he may have retired to his dacha to re-think his plan of EU action,” a Westminster source told the Daily Squib.

The semi-socialist PM is a staunch europhile and tied to his masters in Brussels, however he still wants to appear to command his former country, which will soon be re-named Sektor 101 according to EU diktats.

“Any of the lower party that disagrees with the integration of the UK into the EUSSR will be ejected from the party. My EU masters will not tolerate any disobedience to the Soviet message of European Union and amalgamation of former sovereign states. I am unfortunately conflicted in my allegiance as I used to serve as the Prime Minister of Britain. I am not a traitor to the UK but a key negotiator in Britain’s demise as a nation,” Comrade Cameron told parliament yesterday.

Today, however, things had changed. The PM had retired to his dacha in Chipping Norton, as he may have been to hasty in making his plans known.