New Change: Old Hatreds Must Die With the Elderly

GENEVA - Switzerland - Reducing premature deaths in the young is a priority that is crucial to the transference from the old to the new, the Neue Elderly Trust has revealed.


“The old generations are dying off, and this breath of fresh air is the spice of the new world that brings life from death.

“From the old comes only racism, nationalism, hatred, religion, division and past outdated morals that are no longer functional in the new world.

“That is to say, the old ideals and beliefs, the controlled divisive infernal religions and dogma are now irrelevant, the economic systems are redundant and the outdated political ideologies created in bygone eras are now completely defunct.

“The old era will be given the fast lane to death in the new world, because of the misguided nature they adhere to. What they have taken selfishly for themselves is not theirs to take, and the new shall inherit what the old cannot take to their graves.

“The hospitals with the creaking longevity riven elderly are tombs, burdens on society, and it is time to focus on the new age, to fast track the redundancy of the ageing populations that create massive economic encumbrance and inequality.

“We must build a bridge from the decrepit to the green pastures of the new epoch. The ones who have surpassed above politics and wealth are unencumbered by the past follies, fluid like water and adjustable to the new.

“Those who cannot adjust are contemptible in the eyes of the new age, and the sustainable development goals are an assurance to a future where the mistakes of the past are never repeated ever again.

“The technique of population transition is a process of change that must be adhered to with utmost diligence and necessity.”