Experts: De-Militarization Clue to Britain’s EU Plans

LONDON - England - When Chancellor George Osborne announced military cuts amounting to £1 billion last week, this was a fundamental clue in the overall plan for Britain's role in the EU.


“Military spending is crucial to Britain’s security and standing in world affairs, especially in times of war. The world is in the beginning stages of complete global conflict, so why is George Osborne cutting military spending? Well, he already knows the result of the EU referendum, so he is acting in conjunction with the proposed EU army, which will be separate yet integrated loosely with NATO. There will only be a limited need for a dedicated British team, but when the EU military draft is announced, Brussels will dictate what Britain does in the coming conflict.

“The EU president, Jean Claude Juncker, has called for a dedicated EU military force as a matter of immediate urgency and plans are afoot to include all member states.

“The West’s oil supply lines are already being compromised in the Middle East, as 60% of the globe’s oil reserves lie, and ISIS extends its reach from Syria, through Iraq and into Libya. The ISIS threat has already been spoken of by OPEC, especially after recent attacks inside Saudi Arabia. Yemen has already fallen. Iran is embroiled heavily within the region as the Shiite Vs Sunni wars rage.

“From Libya to Southern Italy is only a short boat ride, and if the conflict spreads to that region, the rest of Europe will be within reach of ISIS. The suicidal EU Schengen policy of open borders will be an open door for ISIS or any other military force cutting through Spain, then onto France and Portugal like a knife through warm butter.

“On the Eastern front, Russia is daily moving troops and military hardware within striking distance of former Soviet bloc nations that are now part of the EU. If Vladimir Putin sees fit to attack, there will be no stopping him as the EU and NATO are too slow to act.

“China is moving military hardware and personnel onto disputed islands in the South China Sea and increasing their base presence in the region controlling the area. China and Japan, who are long time adversaries are readying themselves for another conflict, which would naturally be of grave concern to the United States and EU.

“To therefore cut Britain’s defence budget now would be construed as madness by any sane strategist, especially under the current climate of war, however the modus operandi of George Osborne is to amalgamate Britain’s remaining forces with that of the forming EU army.

“It would be naive to think that Britain would ever leave the EU, especially when the corporations dictate government policy. By giving a referendum to the plebiscite, the government is not risking much, because it knows that the votes are already cast, by the entities that really count, as George Osborne has already signalled with his massive defence cuts.”

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