American Troops in Ukraine : Cold War or Hot War?

DONETSK - Ukraine - Strategic Analyst, Elmer Fudge, is concerned by the American meddling in Ukraine. Especially when American troops are filmed in combat.


“At what stage does a cold war turn into full blown all out war? We may get to see a hot war soon enough as it turns out large numbers of U.S. troops are on the ground in Ukraine.

“If U.S. troops are shooting at Russians, what does that mean? Well, it could mean escalation of operations to full scale warfare between Russia and America.

“Strategically speaking, any interference by America on Russia’s doorstep is an act of war, therefore the meddlesome abilities of America could be stoking up some serious trouble. With Russia’s fully mobilised forces waiting on the borders, the American interventionist forces in Ukraine are only stoking the fire.

“No one cares so much when American stormtroopers march into some Arabian dust bowl and take over their oil wells and resources. The Arabs are usually placated with heavy doses of bullets and missiles as American thugs touting freedom and democracy break down their doors. The Russians on the other hand are a different kettle of fish, highly armed, trained, disciplined and backed by nuclear arsenals that can flatten America three hundred times over.

“So, what the hell is America doing in Ukraine? Are they trying to coerce the Russians? Are they trying to start an all out war? Are they poking the Russkie bear with a shit stick?

“These are the questions we must ask, and ultimately we may never get an answer until it is too late. Either the U.S. high command are clinically insane or dangerously reckless, whichever the answer is, unless American troops high tail their asses out of that war zone soon, the world is in for a big war, possibly nuclear.

“Watch this video below to see an American soldier in Ukraine. Of course, he does not want to be identified. He seems to be holding a weapon, and may be engaged in combat.”