Surge is Working Says Bush Spokesman

Washington - Pentagon Spokesman Ryan Whitman has announced that all is well in Iraq and the troop 'surge' as proposed by George W Bush is working.

The Pentagon today released a statement and report on the ‘troop surge’ coming to the conclusion that large parts of Iraq are untouched by any sign of war or insurgents and the situation in Iraq is as peaceful as a dovetail.

“There is nothing to worry about folks because the majority of Iraq is peaceful with no insurgents, IED’s, explosions or need to fire a single bullet in anger.”

Squib reporter Johnson Hitchens at the conference asked “Is this because the majority of Iraq is desert where nothing exists but sand?”

Ryan Whitman was quick to answer back “Exactly the case, the majority of the land mass in Iraq is desert and this is largely populated by sand and certain plants which can survive the arid habitat.” he went on “A large part of the country is therefore peaceful and will continue being peaceful for many years to come.”




This is definite proof that all is well in Iraq and George Bush’s exemplary leadership is paramount to Iraq being in its now peaceful state.

The supreme leader of the known world has done it again, George Bush has once again sealed another victory trophy in his already crowded cabinet.


The future is looking bright for Iraq