UK Olympics Logo

The logo for the 2012 London Olympics was designed by a blind design group. Joey Mellors who heads the group was commissioned by the Olympics Board and payed £4.50 for the ground breaking design.


Organisers for the London Olympics in 2012 have unveiled a new logo which has been hailed by the blind community.

People who can actually see it however have not had the same reaction and the logo has not gone down as well.

There are reports of mass epileptic fits across the country when the logo was unveiled on television.

“It’s a good thing they only spent £4.50 on it. Imagine what a waste it would have been to have spent more than five quid on that sh*t.” John Churchill exclaimed from the official unveiling ceremony in Greenwich.

To have such a grotesque piece of work as a logo has made the British Olympic Committee a laughing stock nationally as well as internationally.

Olympics chief Lord Coe hailed the design as ‘the vision that defines what Britain is today’ and insisted doubters would be proved wrong.

Reaction amongst the sighted community for the ‘design’ has been less than flattering, and it seems the committee that commissioned the logo may in fact be blind also.

After viewing the new logo, staff in the Squib office wished they were blind too.