David Cameron: “I’ve Just Started Reading the Daily Squib”

LONDON - England - Prime minister, David Cameron, fresh back from the G20 has admitted to starting to read the Daily Squib newspaper.

“I got back and I started blabbing on about there being another economic crash. Then one of my aides told me I should read the Daily Squib newspaper as they have been accurately predicting the exact things I’m saying now. Gorr blimey, I read through some of that and it sort of made me wake up a little. I don’t like what they say about me though, even so, I just can’t help being a fan, it’s spondeliciously entertaining satire with an edge of extreme dark truth,” the PM, David Cameron, told the BBC on Monday.

It’s not news that Prince Charles is also a fan of the Squib, as well as Harry, and lest we forget old Boris, who even attended the Squib’s inaugural party on April Fool’s day, 2007.

Prince Charles himself is a dab hand at a bit of spoofery and satire, as memorably displayed in this rather jocular video of some royal lampoonery. Camilla was not present at the time.