Americans Fooled by Obamacare Prank

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Obama has been responding to some Americans who think they were fooled into believing Obamacare was a legitimate solution to healthcare.

“We fooled yah! Eheheheh!” President Obama and former adviser, Jonathan Gruber told Fox news on Sunday.

What were they talking about you say? Well, the Obamacare that fooled so many Americans into opting into a system that they cannot afford and is not workable in any way is what they were talking about.

“See it from our point of view, this Obamacare debacle was a big frickin’ joke and we fooled the American people over and over again. How could we do such a thing huh? Well, it’s easy, Americans are dumb, stupid, gullible and ignorant. It’s as simple as that folks, no hard work was involved at all, we did it as a big joke and now there’s people out there who can’t pay for their medical treatment or medicine. Look at me here, I’m laughin’ my ass off! What dumbasses!” Obama said whilst slapping Gruber on the back.

Who was that president again who once said ‘Fool me once….’?