Lena Dunham Playboy Spread Goes Viral

LOS ANGELES - USA - Staunch feminist Marxist darling, Lena Dunham has recalled her jaunt in men's magazine Playboy where she contributed to a full page spread, without her younger sister this time.


“It was great, I got to meet all the bunnies and we showed each other our spreads. My young sister was not with me so I couldn’t do my usual exploratory spread check, besides I’m older and not so young any more. You see if you’re a liberal feminist you can get away with anything, like normal laws or societal morals don’t apply to us,” Lena Dunham recalled.

The actress and author even took time out to meet Playboy’s grandmaster, Hugh Hefner.

“He’s a great guy. He actually told me he was a feminist himself and displayed his trophy wife who is a very mature 23 years old. It was okay because he gave her five bucks and told her to itch his scrotum. Getting old is hard ya know, that thing hung down like an old leather bag and was touching his slippers. When I get old I want to be like Hugh Hefner, he’s the real deal. Feminism is great because we get to pick and choose what we want, like we don’t really want to do things like getting punched in the face by guys, even though that’s what men do to each other, equality means we get other men to punch other men in the face, or we can punch men in the face with no repercussions. I would actually get annoyed if a man did not open a door for me or treat me with respect. Yeah, so what if all the bridges, skyscrapers, massive engineering feats  throughout all of history were created by males? Us feminists walk across bridges, but we don’t care to talk about cantilever span or lamellar structure, that shit bores me to tears, I’d rather eat a cake and talk about makeup. Last I checked I was a woman, and so is my sister. Ho hum.”

Lena Dunham’s new book ‘Playboy Feminism’ is out now not in all good book shops.