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Experts: EU Army (CSDP) Direct Threat to Russia

LONDON - England - A team of experts have analysed EU army data coming in from Brussels, deeming it a direct threat to Russia.

EU Army: Daily Squib Accurately Predicted Today’s News in 2012

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib predicted the EU army in 2012.

GEOPOLITICS: Turkey Turns East in Alliance With Russia

ANKARA - Turkey - The Turks are turning towards Russia. How does this geopolitical restructuring impact the West especially in any future global conflict?

Superhuman Russian Olympic Athletes Wow the Crowd

RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil - The Russian Olympic team at the 2016 games has shown amazing feats of superhuman strength and endurance.

If You Want to Die Vote Trump

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - People will die under a Trump presidency, probably in their millions, and this is a guarantee because where there is Trump, there will be war.

Why a German EU Army is Precursor to Imminent War With...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU army is going ahead. The last time Europe had an army it was the Nazi army, and that didn't end so well.

European Army: The Ultimate EU Goal is to Take Russia

LONDON - England - As the German EU army has now effectively taken over the Dutch army, there are serious concerns for global security especially relating to Russia.

Strategists: Putin Wants Britain to Stay In EU

GENEVA - Switzerland - Strategists working for covert agencies relating to International security and military geopolitical proliferation have revealed that Vladimir Putin would be strengthened if Britain stayed in the EU.

NATO: We’re Leaving Turkey Out to Dry

ANKARA - Turkey - Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg's Foreign Minister has revealed that a war between Russia and Turkey will not result in NATO help through the invocation of Article 5.

Putin Laughs as Russians Bomb Hospitals With Women and Children Inside

MA'ARAT AL NUMAN - Syria - There will, of course, be no consequences for Russia or Vladimir Putin after bombing another hospital in the war torn rubble.

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