Putin’s Military Operation is Not Necessarily About Ukraine

KYIV - Ukraine - Putin's invasion may not be about seizing another country but a deceptive decoy to his actual operational plan.

putin-bombing-hospitals-ukraine bw
Putin smiles after another successful bombing of a maternity hospital in Ukraine killing hundreds of newborn babies and mothers

Certain analysts and general consensus may think this military operation in Ukraine is about Putin expanding his empire, wheat resources, mineral resources but they would be wrong.

Putin’s exercise is far more sinister, and involves one thing only — observation. This is why he has not sent his best troops or equipment into the field, he is only sending in the cannon fodder.

Putin’s exercise is to see not only how the West reacts but how his own politicians and people react. He wants to see how supposed ally, China reacts.

The Ukraine campaign will also gauge how public opinion through the Internet and traditional media react.

As the propaganda war rages on from both sides, it is hard to believe who is telling the truth. Propaganda utilised within the context of war is primarily a demoralisation tool for the enemy.

Putin wants the Western and NATO commanders to possibly think he is weak maybe as a distraction.

What is going to happen next? Only Putin knows the answer to that question.