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Snowden Could Get Sanctuary On the Moon

MOSCOW - Russia - NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden could get sanctuary on the moon, a Russian billionaire has told Russia's state news service.

Vinnie Jones Working as Anaesthetist in Russia

PERM - Russia - Vinnie Jones, the ex-football hard man and Hollywood actor has taken up working for a hospital in the Russian city of Perm, a city in the Urals,

Putin a Secret American Patriot

MOSCOW - Russia - Something is very wrong in America when the upholder of true American patriotism and freedom is a Russian president.

Russian Android Fuelled By Vodka

MOSCOW - Russia - A Russian research team has built a mind transfer concept android which is fuelled by vodka.

World Governments Concede They Do Not Actually Own Anything

LONDON - England - A consortium of world governments which met in the capital this morning have revealed they have no right to claim ownership over anything on planet earth.

Putin Says “Phwoar!”

HANOVER - Germany - Russian president, Vladimir Putin was seen to be enjoying himself thoroughly at a trade show.

Russian Bear Gets a Good Kicking From Tiny Island Cyprus

LIMASSOL - Cyprus - It seems that the Greek Cypriot banks were actually a honey trap for rich Russian businessmen and the Mafia as they all took a 40% hit on their bank balances last night.

Oligarchs in Hotel Fight Cause Billions Pounds Damage

LONDON - England - A group of twenty Russian and Kazakh oligarchs caused so much damage at a London hotel that the bill could top £5 billion the BBC reports.

Gérard Depardieu Eats Vladimir Putin

SARANSK - Russia - Gérard Depardieu has eaten the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin announced Saturday, after the French film star had a sudden hunger pang during an impromptu visit to escape a millionaires tax from his homeland.

Bush Outraged at Russian Use of Excessive Force in Georgia

BEIJING - China - George W Bush took time out from watching the US Olympic female volleyball team to condemn Russia's invasion of Georgia.

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