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Whitney Houston Eats Whole Crack Rock During CBS Early Show Appearance

CHICAGO - USA - CBS's Early Show was at the centre of a massive drugs bust this morning when special guest, Whitney Houston, ate a whole rock of crack whilst showcasing her special jerk chicken recipe.

Evil BP Chief to Star in Hollywood Blockbuster

LOUISIANA - USA - Studio executives for Warner Bros have flown down to the oil disaster area to recruit the English CEO of BP after seeing him on television news stories.

Hollywood: Remakes of Remakes the New Movie Remake Trend

HOLLYWOOD - USA - Harold Weisner, is the producer for the third remake of last year's remake of the Lindsay Lohan epic remake, The Oyster Catcher. Many commentators say that this is the new trend in movie making which the studios are applying to their rosters.

New FBI Files Reveal Michael Jackson Faked Moonwalk

LOS ANGELES - USA - Conspiracy theorists were vindicated today after newly released FBI files revealed how the late Michael Jackson faked his famous moonwalk.

Hollywood Actress Dies of Natural Causes After Taking Loads of Drugs

LOS ANGELES - USA - Another Hollywood actress died of natural causes, as cited by the local medical authorities in Beverly Hills yesterday.

3D Hollywood Movies Still Crap

LOS ANGELES - USA - It's just the same old Hollywoodized template boredom but in 3D.

Hillary Clinton to Star in Hollywood Movie: "The Adventures of the...

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hillary Clinton has been cast by Hollywood movie moguls to star in a new remake that is set to take the box office by storm.

Katie Holmes’ Plea for Help at Celebrity Dinner Party

LOS ANGELES - CA - I attended a star studded celebrity dinner last week and witnessed the harrowing cry for help from Mrs Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes.

Paris Hilton’s Size 14 Feet Featured on McCain Ad

LOS ANGELES - CA - Grandiose airhead 'celebuturd', Paris Hilton, has had her huge size 14 clowns feet featured in a John McCain election campaign video aired yesterday on all channels nationally.

Rumer Willis Takes it on the Chin

LOS ANGELES - CA - The genetic offspring of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Rumer, is taking up pro boxing and has been hailed as a real powerhouse by her trainers.

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