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Travolta to Marry Cruise in Church of Scatology Ceremony

LOS ANGELES - USA - In what could be dubbed the gay wedding of the century, Tom Cruise and John Travolta are set to marry, and amongst the famous guests, president Obama is even set to attend.

Johnny Depp to Star in a Tim Burton Film

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hollywood star, Johnny Depp is said to be delighted after being chosen to star in a Tim Burton film.

Adam Sandler to Star In Every Hollywood Movie For the Next...

LOS ANGELES - USA - Every person's nightmare could very well come true if a new production deal is finalised by midnight tomorrow by all of Hollywood's studios.

Was Lord Lucan Adopted By Madonna in Africa?

LIBREVILLE - Gabon - The famous fugitive, Lord Lucan, who fled to Africa shortly after disappearing in mysterious circumstances in 1974, has been found and adopted by the pop artist Madonna sources have revealed.

Hollywood Studio Makes a Good Film

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hollywood moguls were patting themselves on the back today after making a film that people actually felt was worth paying to go and see.

Remake of a Remake of a Remake Gets Sixth Remake in...

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hollywood script writers have been working overtime churning out even more remakes than usual as of late according to industry insiders.

Dam Busters Dog Renamed ‘Wigger’ and to be Sprayed White

LONDON - England - The re-makers of the famous Dam Busters film have come up with a solution to the problem of renaming the dog.

Charlie Sheen Loses Lung on Stage

NEW YORK - USA - Walking train wreck, and self-proclaimed loser, Charlie Sheen, has lost one of his lungs during one of his one-man shows at the Radio City Music Hall.

New Charlie Sheen Sitcom 'One and Three Quarters Man' Airs

LOS ANGELES - USA - Ailing Hollywood wild man and self confessed drug, Charlie Sheen, has been signed up for a ten series deal with rival TV company DBO Public Access after being unceremoniously dumped by CBS/Warner Bros.

Charlie Sheen Tries to Snort Diner’s Dandruff

LOS ANGELES - USA - Emergency services were today called out to Henry's Deli in Beverly Hills after actor Charlie Sheen tried to snort a man's dandruff from his head.

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