The Fappemus: Muggles Want to Expose Hermione

HOGWARTS - Harry Potter Land - A very grown up Hermione Granger is in trouble, the muggles have figured out an Engorgio spell and this could put her in danger of Exposio.


Never fear Harry Potter’s here to the rescue, he’s going to put an Expeliafappus on the dastardly hacker who is claiming that he will expose Hermione’s niffler to all the muggles, the Daily Prophet has announced.

“This is even more scary than a visit from Lord Voldemort, or the dark Lord Mandelson,” a defiant Potter said whilst cooking up the Expeliafappus potion.

Hogwarts has been put on high alert, as the threat of an Intruder charm beckons on Hermione’s treasure chest.

Things have certainly changed since the Hogwarts alumni have got all grown up and left the school of magic, the real world seems even more terrible than school.

Time is running out, let’s hope Harry’s magic works or Hermione may have to escape to Azkaban.