Film Review: The Fappening Part Deux

LOS ANGELES - USA - Thankfully the Fappening Part Deux does not star Charlie Sheen but instead a coterie of nubile American actresses and celebrities.


To tell you the truth, unless you’re a pubescent fapping boy, the Fappening Part Deux is not that great, I mean who hasn’t seen Kim Kardashian’s vagine and bloated arse before?

Most men will simply look at this movie and say, yeah, not bad, nothing special, still tappable in some cases.

As for the Hillary Duff spread, one could imagine themselves on the set of a sci fi movie about to get sucked into a massive black hole.

Let’s not leave it to the imagination any more, this film will have you coming back for more, and more and more.

Part Deux fans will not be disappointed to hear that Jennifer Lawrence does feature again, but the image of her glazed face from the original Fappening movie will stick in our minds for an eternity.

The Fappening Part Deux also features some great soccer scenes, we won’t spoil the plot but there’s some awesome penalty shots saved by American goal keeper Hope Solo.

Does one feel sorry for these wayward lasses? Not really, they knew what they were doing, they were adults. Let’s not excuse the feckless idiots who don’t know what’s happening in the world, and can’t read, or simply want to exist in a netherworld of complete ignorance.

The premier for the Fappening Part Deux will be held on some day or other, and when the girls roll up onto the red carpet, everyone will simply point and wink. What else can you do after you’ve seen their most private parts spread wide open, is that right Bar Refaeli?

Many cinemagoers can’t wait till the Fappening Part Trois, maybe some Taylor Swift cameos are afoot, it’s a good thing there are plentiful supplies of toilet roll in this world.