Get Out Your Inflatable Goiters the Ghost of Peter Sellers Needs Your Help

KYRENIA - Cyprus - The Ghost of Peter Sellers documents how the $2 million production for Columbia Pictures became a nightmare for all involved, often mirroring the farcical nature of the film itself.

A day does not go by in the illustrious Daily Squib offices when we do not have an episode of Pink Panther on the video screen. We love every moment of Peter Sellers as the indomitable Inspector Clouseau, and it is to this end that we must urge our readers and anyone else who sees this to assist with a proposed labour of love.

The Ghost of Peter Sellers, is a story of the crumbling genius of Sellers in his last years, someone who had such Mercurial talent that destructive forces would sometimes visit to counteract the creative frenzy.

Support the documentary by donating as much as you can. If you have ever been touched by the genius of Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan, please help bring back to life some of the moments that occurred in 1973. Support now via Indiegogo