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Obama Losing Time Tic, Toc, Tic, Toc

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Obama has vowed to complete his tenure as president by taking away America's guns.

Pistorius Shooting Spree Kills 23 After Prison Release

PRETORIA - South Africa - Oscar Pistorius, the jailed former athlete, enjoyed an impromptu shooting spree on Monday soon after his jail release.

Umpqua Shooter Shot Christians Yet Idolised Christian Catholic IRA

OREGON - USA - College shooter, Christopher Harper Mercer, idolised the IRA which in essence is a Catholic nationalist paramilitary group who are fighting against Northern Ireland's Protestant Christians and the English in mainland Britain.

America in Distress Obama Plan Worked

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The greatest deception any political leader who is above the law can produce is the concept of helping the people, but actually hurting them without them realising they are being punished and robbed.

Think Tank: Disarm Americans Through the Church

ALABAMA - USA - An NGOs recent paper entitled 'Disarming Americans Through Jesus' details plans on utilising the church to bring change to the current stalemate situation of gun control.

Obama: Cops Need to be Disarmed No More Guns

MARTHA'S VINEYARD - The president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama has had enough of guns, especially in the light of the killing of another black teen by a policeman.

Experts: Why Americans Will Give Up Their Guns

NEW YORK - USA - Freedom From War can be achieved in our lifetime, a group of experts for an independent research facility have outlined.

American Shooting Spree Theme Park Opened in Texas

TEXAS - USA - Americans love a shooting spree, and one entrepreneur is capitalising on this American penchant for indiscriminate shooting by opening a new theme park dedicated to shooting sprees.

Obama May Repeal Obamacare if Americans Give Up Guns

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Barack Obama has given Americans a very important choice to make -- Guns or Obamacare.

America Had to Change

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Obama has actually done a very good job in changing the infrastructure of America, a key Washington think tank has revealed.

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