Pistorius Shooting Spree Kills 23 After Prison Release

PRETORIA - South Africa - Oscar Pistorius, the jailed former athlete, enjoyed an impromptu shooting spree on Monday soon after his jail release.

Former Olympian Oscar Pistorius has been released from prison in South Africa and only fifteen minutes later, killed 23 people in a spectacular shoot-out lasting half an hour.

“He kept saying that he needs to release some energy,” a bystander who hid behind a dead body told local newspapers.

The athlete’s release from Pretoria prison was kept hushed to stop a media scrum however the shooting spree is sure to create more media attention.

Another witness who escaped¬†the Pistorius shooting spree, revealed the athlete was acting like a “man who had not had a drink for a long time” and was “sating his thirst”.

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