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America’s Guns: Obama Cried People Died

LOUISIANA - USA - America has to put down their guns at some point in the future. Obama is crying over this matter, and now people are really talking about gun control.

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Some guy was recorded whilst waiting for a bagel at a coffee shop in downtown Lafayette.

“When Obama cried on the podium yesterday, I cried too, all those people shooting themselves and each other with guns, like it really hit home.

“What do Obama’s tears mean to you? Do you wanna put the guns down yet? You don’t need that Kalashnikov, the horror of the shootings daily in your hood, and the depopulation that is happening around us. Did you know that every minute in the United States, 43 gun murders take place.

“You could be anywhere, a school, a cinema, a restaurant or in the park, all it takes is someone with a gun shooting you when you least expect it.

“It’s all so horrific. What are you gonna do? So please Americans, we need to do this now, the Second Amendment just needs to be adjusted slightly, and don’t you dare even read Infowars as they’re just stoking the fires of gun violence. Is Alex ‘Provocateur’ Jones part of the system? Damn sure he is, he pays taxes, and his operation is a classic data-mining magnet for unnamed agencies. What better way to find all the kooks by acting like one yourself, Jones is an okay actor, but he’s a well paid actor and he uses specific triggers during his rants to up the ante, make you buy his snake oil and comment on his site. If Jones was really revolutionary, they would have shut him down years ago, the proof is in his rise to power and mega bucks.

“The powers that be know what you are thinking, the cat’s already out of the bag, sure they got caught snooping after Snowden gave it away, but most people already knew anyway.

“Uncle Obama really feels for you, didn’t you see the tears streaming down his face, he was crying like a lil baby? Maybe there was a sick bag backstage but you didn’t see that folks. But seriously, we need to limit guns in America, it’s really getting ridiculous now. All these mass shootings day in day out, doesn’t it get to you? What if it was your kid, or your dad, or your mom?

“Guns are tools for killing, when a person pulls the trigger deadly bullets fly out at high speed. When a bullet hits its target it makes a mess of things. Could be a leg, a liver or a butt, dang don’t wanna get hit in your groin or knee cap, that shit is painful.

“See when you watch an action movie, those guys are shooting blanks, it’s not real, in reality when someone gets shot whether they live or die, whatever, you just shot someone, that’s not right.

“Sure you’re going to say self defence, you need guns for protection, but if no one had guns but the people in charge, you wouldn’t need a gun. Best policy in a fight is calmness, just walk away it ain’t worth it or call the police. The cops have guns to Protect and Serve, like that’s what it says on the badge, and all you have to do is dial 911 and they’ll come and protect you from whatever is going on.

“Next you’re going to say guns are a protection of the citizen to tyranny from the state. Well, this can be fixed in one moment, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Become a Senator or legislator or something to do with a government office, because any person will tell ya, it’s nigh on impossible to beat the system now. Even if every American had a gun and started shooting right now, the state, the army, the whatever would put a stop to that in less than a week. They have the logistics, the equipment, the bullets, the frickin’ air force, and make the laws. What have you got? It’s all too big to beat, especially when an A10 Warthog opens up a can o’ whoop ass on you with its Gatling gun. The NSA already knows who to get first, they’d put a stop to any movement within a few days.

“Some militia boys in Oregon are making a stand right now, and there are militia all across the U.S. but they don’t have a chance in hell for two reasons, the first being, they have limited numbers and the second, they are surrounded from all sides including the air. What are they going to do? Absolutely nothing, because the majority of Americans want peace and the Bundy family, of which there are many strands, hold a long standing heritage in the U.S. but the yokel strand we are seeing in Oregon are only one element, as the Bundy name reaches high up into the top echelons of government.

“I’m going to tell y’all this once, don’t shoot, put down your gun son, because if you don’t, somebody gonna get hurt some.”

What will happen if Americans have guns taken from them?

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