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Labour Mayor London Chaos

LONDON - England - Ever since Sadiq Khan, a Labour party member was made Mayor of London, we have had five serious terrorist attacks, a mass death event in a block of flats, untold traffic chaos in the capital, massive council tax rises and permanent roadworks that never seem to go away.

Trump Calls On Unhinged Americans to Do Something About Hillary

WILMINGTON - USA - Donald Trump's latest controversy seems to suggest that anti-gun Hillary Clinton should be dealt with one way or another.

Munich Massacre UPDATE: Iranian Shoots Innocent Shoppers

MUNICH - Germany - BREAKING NEWS - Shooter massacres shoppers in the centre of the city.

Dear Americans: Under Martial Law They Will Take Your Guns

BATON ROUGE - USA - The second mass shooting of law enforcement officers by deranged racially motivated gunmen within a short time period suggests an escalation towards martial law in the United States.

Baton Rouge Cop Killing Spree Escalation in Race War and Destabilisation

BATON ROUGE - USA - The murder of a further three white police officers by Gavin Long, an African American indicates an escalation in the race war.

#AltonSterling U.S. Summer Shooting Season Extravaganza Begins in Earnest

LOUISIANA - USA - Shooting season begins early this year as the balmy hot nights soak through the dark clouds of racial tension giving bitter reason to protest.

Biden: 70 Percent of Americans Could Be Banned From Owning Guns

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Seventy percent of Americans may not have a choice on gun ownership soon, as Obama's executive orders slowly kick in to gear.

America’s Guns: Obama Cried People Died

LOUISIANA - USA - America has to put down their guns at some point in the future. Obama is crying over this matter, and now people are really talking about gun control.

Brits Advised to Wear Bullet Proof Vests if Visiting California

CALIFORNIA - USA - So, you want to catch a few waves, saunter down Santa Monica or visit Disney Land, well forget about having any fun, you will need some serious gear just to walk the streets of California let alone enjoy yourself.

America: Mass Shooting Doesn’t Even Make Local News

ALABAMA - USA - Another bloodbath mass shooting that took place yesterday killing 47 people did not even get a mention in local news.

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