Why Americans Must Adopt Gun Control Now

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Gun control is a necessary fact of life, and this is why Americans really must adopt it now.

Gun control is a serious fact of life. If you are holding your prize Deagle primed with some .50 AE ammo and you can’t control the recoil, you might as well be pissing in the wind, this is why you need gun control.

You empty a clip, your reload time may be a life or death situation, this is why you need to reload fast, and have many magazines available for the next burst of fire, this is all about gun control.

Collateral damage, this is acceptable in the military but on the streets or home can get you locked up for good, therefore when you’re aiming, get the right target (the bad guy) for fuck’s sake. Gun control is a very important aspect of this situation otherwise you could end up with multiple instances of collateral damage.

What about jamming? If your weapon of choice is not properly maintained, cleaned and oiled, then you will get more instances of your firearm jamming due to fouling. You don’t want that to happen if you’re in a serious life threatening situation and firing a fully automatic or semi auto weapon. Revolvers are generally more reliable, but they still need to be maintained and under gun control.


Gun control is also about what gauge you use with your weapon. What can you handle well? Know your limits. It’s a toss up between blowing major holes in somebody or something or getting that accurate clean head shot into the cranium with little or no recoil.

Practice, practice, practice! If you don’t practice with your gun, you won’t know how to control the gun. This is why access to a good shooting range is invaluable.

Don’t forget, gun control is not only about controlling the gun but most of all controlling yourself. If someone cuts in line at the fast food restaurant, just let it go, sure you can say a few words, maybe have a fist fight, but no guns will be needed there. Gun control is mostly about responsibility. You should only ever use your weapon when in serious fear of your life, and mostly on your own property to protect your family and yourself.


Hopefully with these tips, you will adhere to good gun control and live a long happy life of liberty including the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms. Remember, the founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment for a very good reason, and that was to protect you the citizen, not only from daily crimes, but from any tyrannical government that may ever pop up.