Stormy: President Trump Consults Carlos Santana

LAS VEGAS - USA - President Donald Trump has consulted genius musician Carlos Santana on his Stormy troubles.

First go to the Stormy video and press play to listen before reading this article

President Donald Trump is in a stormy situation and is consulting veteran musician Carlos Santana about it.

“I like his music, and even though he’s a Mexican chicano he can play a mean guitar, you know how he makes the PRS wail like a moaning woman I just grabbed by the …”

Carlos in his retirement sits in his Las Vegas mansion watching the weather channel all day, and was surprised to get a call from the Donald asking for advice.

Black magic woman

“I said to the cat, you need to get back to 1978 man. Put yourself in that mode. Also I told him to grow his hair longer and the answer would come to him from the cosmos. You need longer hair man, acts like an antenna to the universal mind. Plus, reef. You need the reefer or a few tabs to get the real vibrations to life and all the answers to the questions…oh, and while he’s doing this he gotta wear a hat, that bit muy muy importante.”

Whether President Trump will adhere to Santana’s advice is still to be seen.