Experts: Why Americans Will Give Up Their Guns

NEW YORK - USA - Freedom From War can be achieved in our lifetime, a group of experts for an independent research facility have outlined.

Every day thousands of people die around the world from firearms, whether they were legally registered or not.

A team of global experts have revealed the dangers of firearms and how they must be removed permanently from the public, especially in the United States where people are still clinging to an outdated constitution, which is not valid any more.

“To prevent any further bloodshed on the streets and schools of America, it is essential that citizens give up their firearms.

“The globalised new world order cannot tolerate private firearms, and it is imperative that they are relieved from the hands of everyday citizens once and for all to ensure total freedom from war.

“The world will be a much safer place without guns, and it is key to the agenda controlled by the United Nations that all sovereign countries who fall under the global UN organisation adapt to the way of peace.

“You must not be alarmed by the confiscation of your weapons, but if you do resist, then there may be no option but to act by securing your weapons in the name of safety.”

  • charlie

    You’re all nuts. Don’t want a gun, don’t have one, but keep your hands off mine. 2100 incidents occur reach day where a gun helps protect life and property. New world order can kiss my ass.


    What are guns for? Killing yeh that’s rigte. No more killing pls and you can tell the NRA to get lost. Obama needs to set the IRS on those bitchez like he did with those scumbag teabaggers.

    If you want to shoot gof join the army or police but stop shooting in our streets .

    I have a thought let’s arrest anyone with a gun. If you have one your a criminal so hand em over and you can be free from criminal stuff.

    No more killing ya hear? No more shooting people and animals. Your going to hell if you shoot a gun or kill. Says so in the 10 commandments. For your sake and every one emlses. Please no more.

  • ZeroTolerants

    People need to hand their guns in Now!!!

  • Lois

    It’s a long time coming. Personally I’m sick of living in fear everyday cuz some asswipe didn’t take their meds and decides on a shooting spree. The real America should be gun free. Amen.

    • Tamzin

      Amen, this thing has gone far enough. Just had a kid shot down two days ago in my hood. He was only 14. We gotta stop the tragedy.