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Brain Illness Could Have Affected Gordon Brown's Actions, Secret Diaries Reveal

LONDON - England - Newly released diaries from one of Gordon Brown's personal aides suggest that, in Brown's case, illness could have helped to contribute to the paranoia and ruthlessness of his rule over Britain.

Gordon Brown Warns Against Mass Youth Unemployment Epidemic Caused by His...

London - England - Former prime minister, Gordon Brown, is warning the world's leaders about the unemployment explosion, and economic destruction amongst the young caused by his policies and insane spending sprees during his time in government.

Brown Voted Best British PM by Al Qaeda

LAHORE - Pakistan - Gordon Brown has been voted the best British Prime Minister since the Second World War by a poll of more than 100 Al Qaeda leaders and operatives.

Gordon Brown Laughing While UK Struggles With £5 Trillion Debt

FIFE - Scotland - Safe in his bolthole far away from any repercussions, former prime minister, Gordon Brown is hailing his success in destroying the UK's economy irreparably.

Gordon Brown Now a Kirkcaldy Homeless Tramp

KIRKCALDY - Scotland - Since leaving office, the disgraced ex-prime minister has gone from bad to worse say his friends and family.

Gordon Brown to be Prosecuted for High Treason

LONDON - England - An arrest warrant has been put out for ex-prime minister, Gordon Brown after the extent of his abuse of power was revealed following an independent investigation.

Comrade Brown is Dead!

LONDON - England - It is with great sadness that we are forced to announce the terrible news of the final passing of the great unelected comrade Brown.

Mugabe Announces Official UK Visit to Congratulate Gordon Brown

HARARE - Zimbabwe - Speaking from one of his palaces outside the capital city, Robert Mugabe announced his upcoming visit to the UK to congratulate unelected British PM Gordon Brown on his exemplary electoral record and control technique over the British population.

Gordon Brown Survives Coup Attempt to Install Democracy

LONDON - England - Supreme unelected comrade in chief, Gordon Brown, today survived a coup attempt to install democracy in Soviet Britain.

Gordon Brown Set to Win 100% Election Vote Once Again

GRIMLY - England - The people of Soviet Britain are set to vote for Comrade Brown once again, Labour party officials declared last night.

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