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Brown Voted Best British PM by Al Qaeda

LAHORE - Pakistan - Gordon Brown has been voted the best British Prime Minister since the Second World War by a poll of more than 100 Al Qaeda leaders and operatives.

“He’s done more damage to Britain than we could have ever dreamed of doing ourselves. If it was up to us he would be given an award for his works in destroying the UK. May Allah praise him for his great service against the infidel dogs. He will be guaranteed 72 virgin donkeys when he goes to heaven for sure,” Abdul Abu Hamid, 3rd in command for Al Qaeda in Pakistan told a Jihadi website, Kaboom.com.

The poll, compiled by Aswan Qitada, Al Qaeda’s 2nd in command since June, found that Mr Brown was considered the best British PM over the past 65 years.

Mr Brown, who was Prime Minister for less than three years, scored highly because of the immense damage he meted out onto the British economy, infrastructure, employment, crime and society, the 106 Al Qaeda officers who voted revealed. The accumulation of record government debt was seen as Mr Brown’s
biggest success while he was also praised for not calling a general
election in 2007. He scored positive ratings for selling off Britain’s gold supply at the bottom of the market, destroying society, democracy and foreign policy.

“Gordon Brown destroyed everything. We could only dream of such immense destruction. Masha’Allah, may Allah bring peace upon him,” Mr Hamid added.

Tony Blair was also rated highly by the Al Qaeda panel for his role in suckering the UK into two losing wars and costing Britain trillions of pounds in wasted money and soldier deaths.

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